McAlpine Non Return Valve 22mm CONVALVE

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A leading supplier of plumbing fittings, McAlpine comes with a variety of high-quality and competitive products to suit all plumbing solutions. The inline vertical non-return valve features an inlet and outlet connection for a 19/23 pipe ideal for condensing boilers. This plumbing equipment prevents water waste from sanitary pipework to enter condensing boilers. The extensive range of products now include traps, WC connectors, shower and floor gullies, air admittance valves, roof flashings and waste outlet fittings.

  • Includes 19/23mm inlet and outlet
  • Receives the discharge from a condensing boiler
  • Conforms to BS 6798:2009 and Building Regulations Approved Document H
  • Made from plastic
  • Lightweight and long-lasting

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