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The Gledhill Stainless ES is an unvented mains pressure hot water storage.

As confirmed by the manufacture - Gledhill modifications should not be made. Replacement parts should be purchased from a Gledhill authorised supplier like

We offer 12 months warranty on all Gledhill Stainless ES Spares for sale and we also offer fast delivery on all our Gledhill Stainless ES Parts when you buy them from us.

The Gledhill Stainless ES unvented mains pressure hot water storage need regular routine checks, we suggest printing the servicing instructions and attach to the Gledhill Stainless ES.

It is recommended that these checks be carried out at the time of boiler maintenance by an engineer who understands the Gledhill StainlessLite unvented mains pressure hot water storage .

We have all Gledhill Stainless ES spares and parts for sale.


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Gledhill Stainless ES System Info

Top things you must know about the Gledhill Stainless ES

One of the things we
take for granted is turning on the faucet and hot water coming out. Or getting
home after a long day of work and being able to take a good hot shower.
However, this does not happen by magic. These pleasures of our daily life can
only be achieved thanks to a water boiler.


For the same reason,
it is essential to have one that works well, that is a good size to heat the
amount of water you need to use in your home, and it is even better if it is an
eco-friendly device. A boiler that checks all of those boxes is the Gledhill Stainless ES.


The Gledhill Stainless ES is a reliable boiler from the famous Gledhill line, and in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it. From what its
characteristics are, to its common failures, spare parts available, and a
conclusion for you to decide if the Gledhill Stainless ES is the perfect option
for you or not.

Introduction to Gledhill Stainless ES

Gledhill Stainless
ES was developed to be suitable in all parts of the UK as it has passed the
different methods of regulation in each country. For that reason, no matter
where you are, you can trust that your Gledhill Stainless ES can be installed
and used.


The installation of
your Gledhill Stainless ES must be done by a licensed professional. Generally,
they must be licensed to perform plumbing and gas work. This is because, in the
event of any problem that your Gledhill Stainless ES may have, the guarantee
can be claimed if the entire installation process was done correctly.


The Gledhill
Stainless ES is eco-friendly as some of its parts are made from recycled
materials. This makes the waste and negative impact on the environment much
less compared to other water heaters. They are recycled materials treated with
the highest standards to ensure that the quality is as good as that of other

The Gledhill Stainless ES can heat a large volume of water in a short time, even if the tap
water in your region is hard water. The Gledhill Stainless ES comes with a
safety system to not exceed 100°C in any case, so you can be sure that the
water will never burn you.

Common Faults with Gledhill Stainless ES

The Gledhill
Stainless ES is a fairly stable water heater that does not have many faults,
but if there are some, it is better to know about them, since this way it will
be easier to recognize and face them. The most recommended thing is that your
Gledhill Stainless ES has an annual control carried out by a professional. This
is not something that happens only with the Gledhill Stainless ES, but you
should do it with any boiler.


The most common
problem is that scale has built up somewhere on your Gledhill Stainless ES. You
will notice this if you do not have hot water, or if a small amount of water
comes out of the different taps in your home. The scale does not form because
of a failure of the Gledhill Stainless ES, but rather because the tap water in
the region is hard water. A professional can fix this problem on your Gledhill
Stainless ES almost immediately so just contact them and don't worry.


In addition to this,
it is likely that the first few days after installing your Gledhill Stainless
ES, when you first turn on the faucet the water will come out a bit cloudy.
This is because the Gledhill Stainless ES is adapting to the tap water it
receives. It should only last a couple of days, and it's the first few seconds
of water coming out of the faucet, it shouldn't last more than that. In case
the problem persists, you should contact a professional.


Also as a safety
standard, the Gledhill Stainless ES must be installed in a safe place, where it
has sufficient free space. You must not place clothing or any other type of
object on, under or on the sides of your Gledhill Stainless ES. If for any
reason the circulation of oxygen is affected, or there is external pressure on
your Gledhill Stainless ES, this can have a negative effect and damage it.


Parts available for the Gledhill Stainless ES

3kW immersion
element 1 SH014

Pressure and
temperature relief valve 6 bar 95°C 1 SG033

Inlet group set at 3
bar c/w expansion relief valve

set at 4.5 bar 1

12 litre expansion
vessel 1 XG224

19 litre expansion
vessel 1 XG225

25 litre expansion
vessel 1 XG226

35 litre expansion
vessel 1 XG227

22mm 2 port valve
(indirects only) 1 XG089

Control and overheat
limit thermostat 1 XG219

15mm x 22mm tundish
1 XG173

The conclusion to the Gledhill Stainless ES

The Gledhill
Stainless ES is a useful water heater, but admittedly it can be more finicky
than others. Your Gledhill Stainless ES must be installed in a place where it
is not in contact with other objects, and make sure that children do not play
with it, as damage may be irreversible.


Other than that, the
Gledhill Stainless ES is a pretty loyal water heater, as it doesn't fail very
often and will last for a good number of years if used correctly. The most
common failures of the Gledhill Stainless ES are caused by the running water in
the region, and not by the appliance itself. If the water in your region is not
hard water, the Gledhill Stainless ES rarely has any kind of problem.


An annual review of
the condition of your Gledhill Stainless ES carried out by a professional can
avoid any type of future problem, so do not forget to do it, you must keep it
in mind. Remember that any type of installation, revision or necessary repair
of your Gledhill Stainless ES must be carried out by a professional who is
licensed to do this type of work.