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The Gledhill Gulfstream is a combined primary storage unit (CPSU) for domestic hot water supply and central heating.

As confirmed by the manufacture - Gledhill modifications should not be made. Replacement parts should be purchased from a Gledhill authorised supplier like

We offer 12 months warranty on all Gledhill Gulfstream Spares for sale and we also offer fast delivery on all our Gledhill Gulfstream Parts when you buy them from us.

The Gledhill Gulfstream (CPSU) need regular routine checks, we suggest printing the servicing instructions and attach to the Gledhill Gulfstream system.

It is recommended that these checks be carried out at the time of boiler maintenance by an engineer who understands the Gledhill Gulfstream combined primary storage unit (CPSU).

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Gledhill GulfStream System Info

Top things you must know about the Gledhill GulfStream

If you are looking
for a water heater, you came to the right place. In this article, we will tell
you everything you need to know about the GulfStream  . This machine works as a water and room
heater, which makes it one of the most popular on the market.


Read on as we'll
tell you everything from GulfStream spare parts, to common faults, how it works,
and a brief pros and cons conclusion so you know if the GulfStream   is
truly for you.

Introduction to Gledhill GulfStream

The GulfStream  is what
is known as the "Combined Primary

Storage Unit"
(CPSU) that has the function of providing central water heating, perfect for
those homes that do not have one, or that need a spare one.


Unlike other CPSUs,
the GulfStream   runs on gas, although it is completely safe
since the GulfStream   has an internal fan that prevents the gas from
stagnating in one place or being harmful to people (we will talk about this on
the GulfStream   later).


Basically, the main
role of the GulfStream   is that your whole house has hot water from
the network and that it also flows at a stable pressure. There are some CPSU
that heat the water but doing so takes the pressure off it, fortunately, this
is not the case with the GulfStream  .


The GulfStream   system
is highly effective as it separates the boiler from the radiators and the
domestic hot water generator. In other words, it separates the heat generator
from the heat emitters, making the GulfStream   as a
whole work in a balanced way.


The GulfStream   has a
plate that works as a kind of filter, so the water can come directly from the
network and be heated by the GulfStream   without any problem. This GulfStream   filter
is fantastic, especially in areas where there is dense water.


The GulfStream   must be
installed with a backup electrical system that works in case of emergencies or
gas outages. In this way, your GulfStream   can
function as a water or space heater even without gas.

Common Faults with Gledhill GulfStream

There are two main
problems that your GulfStream   can have, just like any other type of water


The first fault that
your GulfStream   can have is that there is hot water, but the
GulfStream   cannot heat the environment. Do not forget
that the double function of the GulfStream   is what
allows you to heat other spaces, so if you see that this does not happen you
should pay attention to it.


You must make sure
that the GulfStream   programmer and the thermostat are activated in
heating mode. If that mode is enabled but it still doesn't work, then call an
expert to take a look at your GulfStream  .


The second most
common failure in the GulfStream   is that it is working as a heater but there is
no hot water. Initially, it may be that the water heater is
"deactivated", in that case, you just have to put it "on".
This is a more complex problem, so you should contact a licensed professional
who works with GulfStream   to fix the problem.


Another problem that
the GulfStream   can have is that it does not heat the water
and it is not working as a heater. In that case, you should again call a
professional who works with GulfStream   as it is not common.


If it is heating but
there is not much water pressure, you should also contact a professional, since
it may be that some tube of the GulfStream   or a
pipe in your house is clogged.

Parts available for the Gledhill GulfStream

Ball valve 1 FT206 All 370-505

Red plastic float 1 FT429 All 370-506

Top up tank 1 XB343 All E79-987

1/2” Drain cock 1 GS028 All E79-988

SAC store temperature sensor 2.5m 1 GT147 All E79-991

Fan modulation PCB c/w lead 1 GT148 All E05-688

Pump speed temperature sensor 2 GT153 All E05-667

Appliance control board (ACB) 1 GT155 v.40G All E39-158

PCB supports 10 XB045 All E79-992

AC 30 fuse base 2 XB363 All E79-993

3025 LC fuse 2 XB364 All E79-994

1/2” Automatic air vent 1 GT015 All E02-759

Plate heat exchanger 1 GT017 All E05-664

1/2” Gas tap LH 1 GT025 All E80-002

Non-return valve 1 GT048 All E37-479

Brass housing for non-return valve 1 GT049 All E80-003

Boiler overheat thermostat 100˚C manual set 1 GT188 All

Boiler dry fi ring safety thermostat manual set 1 GT186
All E80-005

Exhaust gas seal 1 GT191 All E80-006

1/2” Flange ‘O’ ring and screws 1 GT192 All E80-007

Feedback nipple 2 GT193 All E80-008

3 Bar expansion relief valve 1 GT195 All E80-009

Grundfos 15/50 pump 2 XB004 All 384-288

Grundfos 15/50 pump 90˚ casting 1” connections 1 GT176
All E80-010

22mm Balltype valve 4 XB121 All 370-508

Grasslin mechanical clock 1 XB215 All 385-873

Grasslin digital clock 1 XB216 All 385-874

Single check valve 1 XB262 All E80-011

22mm Isolation valve 1 XB334 All E80-012

The conclusion to the Gledhill GulfStream

The GulfStream   is a
machine that will rarely fail. It is one of the most chosen on the market for a
reason: it is reliable, and even if it has a fault, it will be very easy for
you to help it.


The great advantage
of the GulfStream   is that it shares spare parts with other
similar machines, even those that are not of the same brand as the GulfStream  . So in case you have a problem, it will not
be difficult to get a spare part (in other cases it may be a headache).


One downside to the
GulfStream   is the fact that unless you turn it on to run
on electricity alone, it's a pretty gas-guzzling heater. In addition, you must
take extra precautions, as with any other gas-powered appliance.


Even with that con,
the GulfStream   remains a true fan-favourite, with years on
the market and hundreds of thousands of loyal customers choosing it since it
heats water like no other.