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The Gledhill BoilerMate is an open vented central heating and mains pressure hot water supply system incorporating a thermal store.

As confirmed by the manufacture - Gledhill modifications should not be made. Replacement parts should be purchased from a Gledhill authorised supplier like

We offer 12 months warranty on all Gledhill BoilerMate Spares for sale and we also offer fast delivery on all our Gledhill BoilerMate Parts when you buy them from us.

The Gledhill BoilerMate unvented hot water storage vessels need regular routine checks, we suggest printing the servicing instructions and attach to the Gledhill BoilerMate system.

It is recommended that these checks be carried out at the time of boiler maintenance by an engineer who understands the Gledhill Accolade unvented mains pressure cylinder.

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Gledhill BoilerMate System Info

Top things you must know about the Gledhill BoilerMate

Everyone should have a Gledhill BoilerMate in their home. The Gledhill BoilerMate is a faithful hot water heater, which can last for a long number of years, and
it is rare for the Gledhill
to fail in any way.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a place where there is hard water, or if you consider that running water is not suitable.

The Gledhill BoilerMate
can work wonders in any case, as it was created to deal with the risks of hard water or water with an "overdose" of minerals

The Gledhill BoilerMate is one of the most chosen, so that's why
we thought of doing a dedicated article specifically for the Gledhill BoilerMate. Here you will learn how you can install the Gledhill BoilerMate, the pros and cons of the Gledhill BoilerMate, the parts and spare parts of the Gledhill BoilerMate, and everything you need to know.

Introduction to Gledhill BoilerMate

The Gledhill BoilerMate is a piece of domestic equipment that
fulfils the main role of heating water. On top of that, the Gledhill BoilerMate also has the
ability to heat spaces, although this depends on where you place it. With the
help of the Gledhill BoilerMate,
the water is heated and it also has space to store hot water, making it much
more effective.


The great advantage of the Gledhill BoilerMate is that it
saves a great deal of energy. It is believed that with the Gledhill BoilerMate you will be saving 5% to 15% energy
compared to other boilers, which is good for the environment and your pocket.


The main purpose of the Gledhill BoilerMate is to
separate the heat generator from those parts that emit the heat. To achieve this,
the Gledhill BoilerMate has
the capability to store energy within it when demand for it is low and then
release it when demand is high. Something that makes the Gledhill BoilerMate stand out from other similar equipment
is that with it hot water can be obtained directly from the water of the main
currents, without the need to incorporate relief valves.

Common Faults with Gledhill BoilerMate

The Gledhill BoilerMate doesn't have a ton of flaws, but with
all boilers, there is always some general pattern that can work against it. For
example, to install the Gledhill
it is always important that the installation is carried out
by a specialist. Under no circumstances can you install the Gledhill BoilerMate or any other
boiler yourself, as you put your safety and that of the team at risk. To
install the Gledhill BoilerMate
is a job that can be done by a licensed plumber, although the ideal is always
to contact someone you trust who has up-to-date registration.


The Gledhill BoilerMate does not have expansion vessels, which
makes it much easier to install, but not everyone is comfortable with that.
There is nothing to worry about as the heat or steam is released through
different means with the Gledhill
, so vessels or valves are not necessary in this case.


The Gledhill BoilerMate can be used in hard water. Hard water is
the type of water that has a large number of minerals, which is why it usually
causes scale or sodium crusts to form on the edges of the boilers. This should
not happen with the Gledhill
, but if you use it for many years with hard water it is
something that will inevitably happen. In those cases, you will notice that
your Gledhill BoilerMate starts
to malfunction, or no hot water is coming out. There contact a specialist or
someone who knows about the Gledhill
with a license to carry out the work and the problem will be
solved quickly.

Parts available for the Gledhill BoilerMate

Here you will be able to see the
parts available for the Gledhill
, which will come in handy if you ever need any type of
replacement or spare parts.


The conclusion to the Gledhill BoilerMate

The Gledhill BoilerMate must always be pre-wired to a central
control panel, which some people see as a negative. It's basically considered
negative because if that central control fails then your Gledhill BoilerMate will be affected. Other people see this
as a negative because it means that the plumber who installs your Gledhill BoilerMate must know
about electricity. Honestly, it's not that big of a downside to the Gledhill BoilerMate. Plumbers
always have some kind of knowledge in the field of electricity, and it is
something they should know for any type of boiler, not just the Gledhill BoilerMate. Also, even
if the Gledhill BoilerMate
was not connected to a central panel, it would still have to be connected to
another type of panel, which also has the same risk.


As with other boilers, the Gledhill BoilerMate should
always be installed and supervised by a professional when there is a problem.
Only trained people can install the Gledhill
and identify what is wrong with it. To install the Gledhill BoilerMate it is
recommended that you be a licensed plumber.


In the Gledhill BoilerMate, there is a delay timer also pre-wired,
to understand how this works and how to identify when it is failing, you should
consult with the specialist who installs your Gledhill BoilerMate, since it may depend on each case.