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The Gledhill Accolade is an unvented hot water storage mains pressure cylinder unit.

As confirmed by the manufacture - Gledhill modifications should not be made. Replacement parts should be purchased from a Gledhill authorised supplier like

We offer 12 months warranty on all Gledhill Accolade Spares for sale and we also offer fast delivery on all our Gledhill Accolade Parts when you buy them from us.

The Gledhill Accolade unvented hot water storage vessels need regular routine checks, we suggest printing the servicing instructions and attach to the Gledhill Accolade system.

It is recommended that these checks be carried out at the time of boiler maintenance by an engineer who understands the Gledhill Accolade unvented mains pressure cylinder.

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Gledhill Accolade System Info

Top things you must know about the Gledhill Accolade

The  Gledhill
is an appliance that should be present in any household. It
can keep your water hot or cold, and it can also help you save more water!


To improve your
experience with the Gledhill Accolade,
it is recommended that you always have the manual or the instruction guide
nearby, this will be of great help if you have any questions that arise while
your Gledhill Accolade is in


You should keep in
mind that the installation of a Gledhill
should always be carried out by qualified plumbers and licensed


In this way, you
will ensure that your Gledhill
is installed correctly and that you do not suffer any risk of
the Gledhill Accolade
breaking or putting your own safety in danger.


In this article we
will try to help you to know more information about your Gledhill Accolade, as well as extra key information on the
subject, such as, what are the common faults in the Gledhill Accolade, how is the Gledhill Accolade made, and everything you need to to know.


So keep scrolling
down this article to find the top things you must know about your Gledhill Accolade.


Introduction to Gledhill Accolade

The Gledhill Accolade is made with a
double cylinder that allows the product to be more resistant and last longer.
The Gledhill Accolade has a
security system that allows it to be useful to connect to the cold water
network and also provide hot water.


Gledhill Accolades are built in the factory where all parts are assembled
to ensure none are damaged. The Gledhill
goes through strict quality controls, which makes the Gledhill Accolade of the highest


 The Gledhill
comes with valves that allow incoming cold water to be stored
and held until it gets hot enough to become cold water. Basically, a kind of
air pocket forms inside the Gledhill
, which causes the water to heat up.


In addition, the Gledhill Accolade is equipped
with heaters that have switches that you can operate manually. For example, you
can adjust the thermostat on your Gledhill
with the knobs that come on it. This means that with the Gledhill Accolade you can manage
the temperature of the water to your liking.


One of the features
that make the Gledhill Accolade
stand out from the rest of the similar machines is that it has a double tank
configuration. This configuration of the Gledhill
means that you receive higher quality water, reducing the
possibility of contracting diseases caused by bacteria found in the water, such
as legionella.

Common Faults with Gledhill Accolade

A problem that the Gledhill Accolade can have is
the scale that can form inside. These encrustations are formed by "hard
water" which is basically water that has many minerals and ends up forming
a crust. In these cases, it is recommended to install a scale inhibitor at the
same time as applying the Gledhill


Another thing you
can do is reduce the temperature of the water stored in your Gledhill Accolade, as this will
reduce scale formation. If you are not sure if


This scale can
seriously damage the pipes or valves of your Gledhill Accolade, so it is very important that you avoid it
to avoid putting your Gledhill
and your health at risk.


Another problem that
the Gledhill Accolade can
have is that they do not let the water flow. You will notice this when there is
no water coming out of your tap, but it is not always caused by a failure of
the Gledhill Accolade. That
is why you should first check if the mains water supply is working properly, in
case it is working fine, then the problem is in your Gledhill Accolade.


It can be solved by
verifying that the valves are installed correctly and that there is no scale
affecting the flow of water. A licensed plumber can fix it in a matter of


Another problem that
can occur is that the water comes out cold, for that you must make sure that
your Gledhill Accolade is
turned on. In case the Gledhill
is turned on but there is still no hot water, it is
recommended to disconnect it from the electrical network and contact a


The control of the Gledhill Accolade carried out by
a licensed professional must be carried out at the latest every 12 months. This
will make your Gledhill Accolade work
better and avoid any unnecessary risk.


Parts available for the Gledhill Accolade

Gledhill Accolade Estate Control & Overheat
Thermostat XG219

Gledhill Accolade A-Class Immersion Heater C/W Stat XG086

Gledhill Accolade A-Class 8 Liter Hot Water Expansion
Vessel XG174

Gledhill Accolade Primary Expansion Relief Valve XG119

Gledhill Accolade A-Class Anti Vacuum Valve GT056

Gledhill Accolade A-Class Grundfos 15/50 Pump XB004

Gledhill Accolade A-Class Temperature & Pressure
Relief Valve XG169

Gledhill Accolade Tundish XG090

Gledhill Accolade Anti Vacuum Valve GT056

Gledhill Accolade 10 Liter Expansion Vessel XG121

Gledhill Accolade A-Class Tundish XG207

Gledhill Accolade A-Class 22mm Honeywell Motorized Valve

Gledhill Accolade A-Class 28mm Honeywell Motorized Valve

Gledhill Accolade A-Class Telemecanique Relay XB014

The conclusion to the Gledhill Accolade

The Gledhill Accolade is a great
help and works as a great water heater. It has the same problems that any other
water heater could have, but the advantage is that the Gledhill Accolade has a great team of professionals ready to
help you.


A professional
installer in charge of the installations of the Gledhill Accolade can give you advice, letting you know how
the Gledhill Accolade works
with the water that is in the area in which you live. They may even point out
that a more frequent visit from a professional is necessary if the water in the
area where you install your Gledhill
is hard or contaminated water.


The Gledhill Accolade also has a
large supply of official spare parts in case it breaks in any way. This makes
the Gledhill Accolade perfect
where the water quality is not the best.