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Fire Alarms

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C-tec BF376 BF376 24V 5A Relay Plate
C-tec C4414 Multi-sensor Fire Detector
C-tec C4416 Activ Optical Smoke Detector
C-tec C4403A2 Standard Fixed Heat 60DEG
C-tec BF370R Manual Surface Call Point
Fike TWINFLEXpro 2 Zone Fire Alarm Pro Panel TFPRO2
Fike Tfbg Manual Call Point
C-tec BF371 Break Glass Spare
Fike Fire & Smoke Detector Sounder & Beacon TFDSB-ASD
Fike TWINFLEX Red Sounder Unit TFSR
Fike TWINFLEX Input/Output Module TFIOM
Fike TWINFLEX Fire Alarm 4/8 Zone Repeater TFPRO8R
Fike Fire & Smoke Detector with Sounder TFDS-ASD
Fike Standard Fire & Smoke Detector TFD-ASD
C-tec C4403B Standard Fixed Heat 75DEG
Esp Magisorp Fire Panel Isolator Switch Red
C-tec C4403A1R Rate of Rise Detector
Esp Magisowp Fire Panel Isolator Switch White

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