McAlpine Bath Trap with Top Access and Overflow 38mm HC2650UK

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A leading supplier of plumbing fittings, McAlpine comes with a variety of high-quality and competitive products to suit all plumbing solutions. This water seal bath trap with top access is an essential element of the basin's plumbing that keeps the bathroom hygienic and odour-free. It features a swivel trap which can be swivelled into multiple positions. The extensive range of products now include traps, WC connectors, shower and floor gullies, air admittance valves, roof flashings and waste outlet fittings.

  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee
  • 1 1/2 inch universal compression outlet suits all plastic, lead and copper pipes that can be swivelled to make installation easier
  • Matching chrome plated brass mushroom plug and overflow face
  • Mushroom plug is spring loaded and has top access for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable flexible overflow tube length is 330mm - 580mm
  • Overall height, including trap and waste is only 112mm
  • Conforms to BS EN 274-1:2002
  • Manufactured in polypropylene

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