JG Speedfit Blue Stop Tap MDPE 25mm UGSTV2525

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The stop tap is a plastic push-fit valve that connects MDPE. The uniquely designed fitting incorporates stainless teeth to provide a tight and secure grip on the pipe. By turning the handle, less than 2 turns, the flow of water can be stopped. The connection is demountable if required, ensuring the system is easy to work when on the ground and needing to maintain and alter existing set-up. The all plastic construction reduces the possibility of the valve seizing over time. Installation time is greatly reduced when compared to traditional fixing methods.

  • MDPE push-fit connection
  • Suitable for cold water service, above and below ground, grip and seal connection
  • Grip & Seal connection
  • Lead free, non-toxic and will not support biological growth
  • Durable with high resistence to impact
  • WRAS approved
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK by John Guest
  • 25 Year Guarantee

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