Albion Ultrasteel Plus Unvented Direct Hot Water Cylinder 150L AUXD150

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This model of direct unvented hot water cylinder features a built-in thermal expansion space, eliminating the need for an external expansion vessel, resulting in a faster, simpler installation with a reduced risk of call back. As with standard direct cylinders it heats water with electricity via two 3 kW Long Life immersion heater one of which can be used in conjunction with off-peak/low tariff electricity. These cylinders are available in 6 different capacities ranging from 120 litres to 300 litres to suit properties of any size.

  • 25-year guarantee on basic vessel and 2-years on components
  • Built-in thermal expansion space for a quicker hassle-free installation
  • New swivel T&P valve for easier installation
  • Integrated dual thermostat and immersion heater for faster response time
  • Mains pressure hot water for powerful showers
  • High flow rate ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms and fast filling of baths
  • Suitable for all electric buildings off mains gas supply or photovoltaic panels
  • Economical to run with minimal maintenance and no hidden costs
  • Suitable for use with off-peak/low tariff electricity
  • 50mm CFC and HCFC-free foam lagging for low heat loss

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