Wavin OsmaSoil System Balloon Grating Black 110mm 4S302B

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A comprehensive tool designed for the environment, Osmasoil balloon grating by Wavin offers debris protection and air ventilation for any soil drainage system while operating as a termination point for the soil stack. It is a powerful PVC-U soil system made for sanitary waste removal. The advanced technology ensures that green manufacturing practices are observed during generation of balloon gratings while not compromising on the manufactured quality. Also available in white, grey and olive options.

  • Conforms to BS 4514:1983
  • Compatible with ring seal and solvent weld configuration piping and fittings
  • Made with PVCu, making it robust and can house a wide range of operating pressure
  • Quality controlled and quality assured drainage solution
  • A more secure installation for peace of mind
  • Incorporates captive seal technology
  • Used to prevent birds nesting over the pipe
  • Fittings have a unique keyway to ensure the correct fall is achieved

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