Wavin OsmaSoil Strap Boss Grey 110mm 4S319G

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The strap boss pipe from the Wavin's OsmaSoil range is suitable for making connections on the plastic pipe after construction. This range has a vast choice of pipes and fittings that includes brackets, bends, junctions, access fittings, terminations and problem solvers. Made from PVC-u with rubber seals, the fittings incorporate captive seal technology.

  • Conforms to BS 4514:1983
  • A highly-secured and long-lasting installation
  • Easy to use
  • Fits into a ring seal socket to provide an access point
  • Incorporated captive seal technology ensures no leakages from the plug after installation
  • Designed in with a unique keyway to ensure the correct fall is achieved
  • The seals will not dislodge during fitting

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