Plasson Reducing Adaptor for Copper Pipes 25mm x 15mm - 7438016

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Ideally used for conveying water and other fluids in urban and inter-urban infrastructure, industrial, mining, landscape, and farming applications, the Plasson reducing adaptor for copper pipes replaces the existing connection within a water system, providing you with a watertight compression fit. The durable, plastic design has impressive strength and stress resistance, providing a long lasting connection that will keep a system leak free. Machined to withstand 16 bar pressure, the reducing adaptor is not suitable for hot water systems, but can withstand sub zero temperatures.

  • Designed to reduce pipe connections from 25mm to 22mm
  • Inserting the pipe up to the fitting stop creates both the seal and the grip on the pipe
  • Resists sub zero temperatures
  • Compression fit
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Mechanical compression fittings tested to withstand working pressures of up to 16 bar

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