Roughneck Multi-Purpose Utility Bar

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With a strong and global reputation for quality, performance and technical innovation, Roughneck provides premium products, catering for the needs of both the professional and committed DIY user. The Roughneck 15 inch utility bar is a multi-purpose tool makes a useful addition to any toolkit. This versatile tool enables a wide range of light duty work to be carried out in and around the home or workplace. It is a flat bar with bevelled ends designed for such tasks as opening boxes, crates, and manhole covers. It is ideal for removing nails and prying applications. Manufactured from high-quality one-piece forged steel and is powder coated to ensure maximum resistance to rusting.

  • Wide surface
  • Oval shaped
  • High grade
  • One piece forged, stamped alloy steel construction
  • Integral nail lifter
  • Polished tip
  • Ideal for use in tight areas

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