McAlpine Connection for Standpipe Trap 38mm V33WM

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A leading supplier of plumbing fittings, McAlpine comes with a variety of high-quality and competitive products to suit all plumbing solutions. The extensive range of products include traps, WC connectors, shower and floor gullies, air admittance valves, roof flashings and waste outlet fittings. Manufactured in polypropylene, this tool is a twin connector for plumbing two different domestic appliance discharge hoses into a single standpipe trap.

  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee
  • 135 degree swivel nozzles for discharge hoses makes it comfortable and easy
  • An air break is also a part of the connector to facilitate the process of discharge
  • No need for secondary ventilation
  • The silent traps allow for more flexibility in the plumbing design making the product versatile

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