JG Speedfit Service Valve Chrome Plated 22mm 22HSV

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The JG Speedfit service valve is a part of its wide line of bathroom suite fittings. This brass, chrome-plated push-fit valve helps in carrying out simple and quick servicing of a sink, cistern, shower or bath. Without the application of tools, these valves are easy to use and install. Installation does not require any hot works which is safe and flame free. In case of emergency or repair, a simple turn of the metal screwdriver slot shuts off the water. Additionally, the valve can be rotated in-situ to discourage tampering of any kind. To mount, push the valve fully onto the pipe. While in order to demount, simply pull the collet towards the body of the fitting and pull the pipe to release.

  • Fits Copper or Plastic
  • 1/4 turn isolation

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