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Air Conditioning Centre

Air Conditioning Centre 4kW Air Conditioning Unit with 1.5m Exhaust Hose Kit

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The Air Conditioning Centre 14000BTU 4kW Mobile Air Conditioning Unit with 1.8m Exhaust Hose Kit is a reliable AC unit, designed with convenience at its core. This 4kW unit has been engineered to cool down or heat up any room you need as efficiently as possible. Fitted with environmental filters to help remove odours or unwanted particles, this Air Conditioning Centre air conditioning unit can produce both heat and cold. This makes it ideal for cold weather, as well as hot, and ensures that this AC unit can be used in the winter months as well as the summer. With a 1.8m hose, this air conditioning unit is versatile and can be used in any room – whether that is in a family home or a modern office. To help aid this, it has several different fan speeds, including speeds for rapid cooling and minimum noise. This allows for the Air Conditioning Centre 4kW Mobile Air Conditioning Unit to be used to its maximum efficiency within the confines of the environment it is in. It is for this reason that the unit also has a timer to allow for it to be turned off automatically. With some air conditioners, the build-up of mould can seem inevitable. With this Air Conditioning Centre unit there have been precautions put in place to ensure mould is the last thing you have to worry about. These precautions include air filters, to remove particles from the air, and an anti-mould coating to the unit that ensures it is hygienic.

  • Comes with 1.8m exhaust hose kit
  • Adjustable fan speeds for rapid cooling or minimum noise
  • Oscillating air vanes for maximum dissipation of cold air
  • Timer feature to turn the unit off automatically
  • Air filters to remove odours and particles
  • Anti-mould coating for hygienic operation
  • Heat-Pump provides efficient cooling as well as heating


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