4TRADE 1/2in Vulcanised Fibre Tap Washers (Pack of 10)

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From 4TRADE, these high quality washers are ideal for replacing worn washers for many plumbing applications, providing a watertight seal around pipes, taps and other bathroom or toilet appliances. Made from a vulcanised fibre material, it is long lasting, and durable, providing a longer seal than rubber washers.

  • Used in tap connectors to create a water tight seal between the tap tail and the tap connector
  • Once the water is turned on the and the washer comes into contact with the water it expands producing a water tight seal
  • The 4Trade brand represents trade quality and value for money
  • Ideal for use in many plumbing applications
  • Quality product
  • Never reuse a fibre washer - always replace with a new one

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