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Cookies are small text files that we place into a folder on your computer when you visit We use these to maintain your trolley so that the items you add are there on your next visit and to offer you a better and more personalised shopping experience through features such as product recommendations. We set out below information to assist your understanding of the cookies that we use here at Supplied Direct.

Cookie Info

There are two types of cookies used by Supplied Direct which vary by the length of time they remain active: Session Cookies Set by a site, which are deleted when the visitor closes their browser. Persistent Cookies Set by a site, which are stored on the visitor's device and expire on a given date.

Cookie Grouping

To make it easier for you to understand the way in which Supplied Direct uses cookies, we have grouped them into the following categories. The category to which a cookie belongs can be seen in the table below under the heading 'Reason for use of cookie'. "Your Visit" These cookies are used to ensure that your journey through our website is smooth. They will typically remember what products have been added to the trolley and any promotions you may have applied, etc. so that when you reach the checkout all your items and promotions are present. "User Preferences" These cookies are used to remember your individual preferences. On the website this may include displaying prices Inc or ex VAT, your chosen branch, product recommendations, etc. "Analytics" The software which uses Analytics cookies is intended to provide Supplied Direct with an overview of buying trends through such analytics software. These trends may include information such as your chosen browser, participation in marketing/email campaigns, page views, session length, etc. No personal or identifiable information is collected or used. "Advertising" Any data collected for marketing purposes is anonymous. The purpose of these cookies is to ensure that any product recommendations or advertising that you see whilst browsing or other websites is relevant to products viewed from your device on our website.


If you have any questions or concerns about any of our cookies or policies, please feel free to email us at Cookies Used At Supplied Direct
Name of cookie Type of cookie Purpose Description
This site also uses Google Analytics tracking cookies to collect information about the use of this website – for example, how many pages people visit, what browser and operating systems they use, and how long they spent on each page. The information is anonymous, and is only used to help improve the site. The information is stored by Google according to their privacy policy. You can find out how to manage and delete cookies at