Friedland 6015E Spectra 200 White Pir

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Spectra Passive Infra Red Movement Detectors
15 metre detection range
2 detection zones for reliable activation without blind spots
200 deg detection area

Passive Infra Red Movement Detector -
senses the movement of body heat in detection zones,
and automatically switches on the light

The range of PIR Movement Detectors are high specification models
that turn new or existing outdoor lighting into automatic lights for security safely and convenience.
  • Full 200° detection area - wide angle coverage to protect doors and windows.
  • Hinged body allows easy access for wiring connections and installation.
  • Fully adjustable ball type detector provides maximum flexibility.
  • Detector can control lighting up to a total power loading of 1000W Tungsten Filament or 500W Tungsten Halogen Lighting.
  • Rated: IP44.

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